Fall in love with your partner again, like you always fall in love every time you breath the smell of the sea and savor the taste of our gourmet dishes

Our restaurant

Taste our gourmet dishes, you’re going to fall in love with the flavours, the colors and the scents of our

Every evening have a la carte dinner in the romantic by the pool garden, enjoy the night in a relaxing and
intimate atmosphere.

Capture the perfect moment where tradition and innovation melt together and toast to life and love with
our wines that envelop the soul and caress the palate.


Starting a new day in armony and surrounded by love, feeding on emotions and thousands of fragrant and scented tastes.

A vibrantly colored sweet buffet, delicious savory dishes, freshly prepared, steaming coffees and fresh fruit juices.

An expanse of gluttony thet every morning is a flavour party and persistent aromas.
Creams, puff pastries, soft doughs: your senses will be awaken to life and inner harmony.
A real journey between flavours and aromas.